Maine Coronavirus Cases

As of June 2, Maine reported 2,377 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Of these, 94 have resulted in death, and 1,646 have recovered. Cumberland County has the majority of cases with 1,203 reported. York County is second with 396.

Source: Maine DHHS Division of Disease Surveillance

Businesses Reopen As Maine Eases Coronavirus Restrictions

Different types of businesses have been allowed to reopen in Maine as Governor Janet Mills gradually eases the restrictions that had been put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the state.

As part of Maine’s plan to restart its economy, Governor Mills signed a new executive order on Friday, May 29, allowing for the easing of restrictions implemented in previous executive orders which led to the closure of businesses for over two months.

“This Executive Order allows for the gradual lifting of restrictions as we continue to reopen our economy,” said Governor Mills. “I continue to ask Maine people to stay home whenever possible, not only to protect themselves but to protect others as well, like our frontline workers. If and when you do go out, I urge you to stay local and shop local, to stay at least six feet apart from others, to wear a face covering, and, as always, to wash your hands and practice good hygiene. Staying vigilant will save lives and allow us to safely reopen our economy.”

Under the new executive order, all retail stores in the state have been allowed to reopen, with certain occupancy limitations. Stores with a maximum space of 7,500 square feet are allowed to have only five people inside at a time. The number of people allowed in a store at a time goes up as the square footage of the store increases, maxing out at 100 people for large stores.

Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, day camps, summer recreation programs and community sports programs have also been allowed to resume activities. In addition to this, school districts that offer summer educational programming may also begin these programs, with a limit on 10 students per teacher.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, state health officials have recorded over 2,000 cases of the coronavirus in the state.

"It is my responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of Maine people and to support our economy. Throughout this reopening process, I will continue to fight to strike that balance."

Governor Janet Mills.

Maine Launches Automated System To Help Fight Coronavirus

Maine has launched a new automated system with the goal of strengthening its contact tracing program and more effectively combating the spread of the coronavirus in the state.

On Friday, May 22, the director of the infectious disease epidemiology program at the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Sara Robinson, said that a new system, called the ‘Situational Awareness Response Assistant (SARA) Alert’, has been created to relieve pressure from the state’s staff of contact tracers by checking in daily with Mainers who have been identified as having had an exposure to the coronavirus.

According to Robinson, the SARA Alert system works by performing daily check-ins with individuals that have been identified as having been exposed to the coronavirus. If after 14 days of quarantine with no exposure, the individuals show no symptoms, the system releases them from quarantine. However, if the individual being monitored becomes symptomatic during the 14 day period, the SARA Alert system conveys that information back to the state health department, where a contact tracing team member will then refer the case to a Maine CDC investigator for identification as a ‘probable’ coronavirus case.

Robinson says that the health department’s contract tracing program, which currently consists of 15 paid staff who are all redeployed state employees, is expecting to bring in volunteers by this week to help with the daily process of tracing, and also hopefully hire paid fulltime and part-time contact tracers.

“We didn’t have the capacity before to follow up with each individual every day, so that’s what the system is really great for us to do and it does have a check in with them every day we can make sure they’re staying healthy,” said Robinson.

As of May 25, state health officials have recorded 1,858 confirmed cases and 216 probable cases of the coronavirus in New Mexico.

  • 4,116 initial unemployment insurance claims were recorded in Maine during the week that ended on May 23.
  • As of April 2020, Maine has an unemployment rate of 10.6%
  • The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has temporarily increased the payments to congregate care facilities by $10.1 million to support their response to the pandemic.
  • 11.6% of Maine residents live in poverty.
  • 10% of persons in Maine under the age of 65 have no health insurance.


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