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What are Inmate Records?

Inmate records consist of all information relating to an inmate housed in any correctional facility within the State of Maine. This includes official records of offenders housed in county jails, state prisons, and other correctional institutions. Inmate records provide the public with the opportunity to look into the status of an inmate within the corrections system. Information often contained in the inmate’s record includes their names, age, date of birth, charges, sentencing, facility in which they are located, race, height, and sometimes a photograph.

Maine’s Correctional Structure

The Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC) provides administrative oversight over the correctional institutions in Maine. It has three main divisions, which are administered from Augusta. The MDOC is in charge of 6 adult institutions and 2 juvenile corrections centers. The MDOC runs an industry program that provides its services to the general public and other government bodies in various areas such as engraving, license plates, embroidery, woodshop, upholstery, garments, wood harvesting, and reupholstery. For more information, an interested person may contact the MDOC at:

Maine Department of Corrections
Central Office
25 Tyson Drive 3rd floor
State House Station 111
Augusta, Maine 04333-0111
Telephone: (207) 287-2711

Can Anyone Visit An Inmate In Maine?

Persons younger than 18 years of age are allowed to visit inmates in Maine unless they are specifically prohibited provided they are accompanied by an adult who is a parent, a legal guardian or a person authorized by a person with legal custody. Prospective visitors must also be included on the approved visitor’s list for the inmate they intend to visit. A person is only entitled to visit 1 inmate per facility unless they are an immediate family member to another inmate in the same facility.

Visiting an Inmate In a Maine Correctional Facility

Each Potential visitors to Maine corrections facilities must obtain prior approval to visit from the MDOC by submitting a properly completed visitor’s application form. The applicant must tick the facility to which the application is directed at the bottom of the application page and mail the application to the corresponding address for processing. The Maine Correctional Center (MCC) allows intending visitors to complete and submit an online visitor’s Application. All fields must be filled especially those marked asterisk like the inmate’s name, MDOC number, name of facility inmate is being housed, information about the applicant, and so on, inmate’s housing, fields marked asterisk must be completed

The processing time may last up to 6 weeks or longer if the applicant has a criminal record. If an application is found to contain false information, the application will be denied and the applicant will be barred from applying to visit an inmate for a period of six months. If an application has been approved, the inmate will receive a visitor’s clearance notice. The inmate is responsible for notifying the potential visitor on the status of their application.

Persons who are described as direct family members of an inmate, mother, child, grandchild, foster parents or foster child, adoptive parent or child, step-siblings, stepchildren, spouse, siblings, and step-grandparents may be allowed a non-contact visit with the inmate while application processing approval is still pending. Before visiting, an approved visitor is required to schedule a visiting appointment not less than 2 business days prior to the intended visit. Visit appointments can be made by e-mail or by telephone.

Maine correctional facilities’ staff enforce a strict dress code., It is important for intending visitors to read and abide by the rules and regulations provided in the visitor’s guide, The Visitors guide may be read online on the MDOC website.

How to Send Money to an Inmate in Maine

A person looking to send money to an inmate in a Maine Correctional institution may do so through the MDOC money payment service. Deposits can be made into the general trust to enable inmates to purchase permitted items and phone account for inmate’s calls. An individual is allowed to deposit a maximum amount of $100 to the general trust and $100 to the phone account. All funds deposited are nonrefundable and are made available within 3 business days of making the deposit. Deposits may be made with VISA or MasterCard credit or debit cards. The depositor is required to provide the MDOC number and date of birth of the inmate they intend to send money. Prepaid cards are not allowed.

Location of Correctional Facilities in Maine

The MDOC operates an industry program in 5 out of the 6 the adult facilities, allowing inmates to keep busy and earn some form of income put towards reimbursing the government for their food and boarding, paying child support, victim’s restitution. Find below the names and locations of correctional facilities in Maine.

Maine Correctional Center
17 Mallison Falls Road Windham
Maine 04062
Tel: (207) 893-7000

Downeast Correctional Facility
64 Base Road
Machiasport ME 04655
Tel: (207) 255-1100

Mountain View Correctional Facility
1182 Dover Road
Charleston, Maine 04422
Tel: (207) 285-0880

Bolduc Correctional Facility
25 Tyson Drive 3rd floor State
House Station 111 Augusta,
Maine 04333-0111
Tel: (207) 287-2711

Southern Maine Women Re-Entry Center
230 River Road, Windham, ME 04062
Tel: (207) 893-7132
Fax: (207) 893-7179

Maine State Prison
Cushing Road Warren
ME 04864
Tel: (207) 273-5300

How to Obtain Inmate Record

Most of the county jails in Maine provide online inmate search information while others only process walk-in requests at their physical address. County jails can also be contacted by telephone or using the contact link provided on their official webpage. Some counties provide the option for requesters to obtain the desired records by U.S mail.

Prison room
Contact:(207) 389-7128

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Criminal Record

Criminal Record

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